Zenith model 811 deco tombstone
from 1935 model year
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I have acquired an extremely rare 1938 Zenith model 15-U-271. This is the mahogany version of the 15-U-270, a 15-tube 'Robot-Dial' console in a walnut finish (seen on this website). The original cost of the '271' was $235.00, a $10 up-charge over the '270.' Some of the most accomplished Zenith radio collectors in the world have never seen this version of the radio.

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New Zeniths - A hard-to-find 1935 Zenith 801 table set. This was the entry-level set in the 1935 product line. A rare, late-season, 1935 model 908 tombstone and a fabulous 1939, 12-S-370 console.

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This is my antique radio collection. I started collecting old radios in 1983, but many of my acquisitions have occurred since 1997. As you navigate this site you will notice a few things:

- My collection primarily consists of wood consoles (some refer to these as floor model or upright radios), cathedrals and tombstones, all from 1930-1940.

- Zenith antique radios dominate my collection. View a large ensemble of Zenith radios, from small 5 tube table sets, the entire line-up of 1938 'Robot Dial' consoles, and my crown jewels - all three, extremely rare, Zenith Stratosphere models.

- The model year of each radio will be indicated instead of the actual year of manufacture. For instance, the 1935 Zeniths were introduced in mid-1934.

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This is NOT a commercial site. I am not a dealer, just an avid old radio collector. I have always been fascinated by the mystique of 1930's radios. Whenever I look at one of my radios the same questions always run through my mind. Who was the original owner? Where did they live? What was their occupation? What fascinating, world changing historical events were heard on this radio? Is the original owner still alive today? If time travel ever becomes a reality--on my list of excursions? The Zenith Radio factory in Chicago, 1934-1938!

I created this website to serve as an internet resource for a select group of antique radios. Occasionally, I may offer a few items for sale due to duplication or space limitations in my house. Just click the For Sale button on the main page to see if any radios are currently being offered. I am always buying specific radios, memorabilia, brochures, advertisements, parts, tubes and wooden Z-knobs to add to my collection. Please click the wanted button for items that I am currently searching for. If you have a better example of a radio shown here, write me if it is for sale! I welcome e-mail from other collectors, but Due to the high volume of e-mail received, I can not answer all inquiries. I am not an expert on all antique radios, but I have a good grasp of Zenith's Golden Years. Thanks for visiting OldRadioZone.com!

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